New site!

2 11 2009


Thanks to the success of this site I have decided to buy my own site address! So be sure to head on over to our new posts, pages and a completely new layout!


Bape BA Belt

19 10 2009

BANow I like this belt, I am a big fan of the kind of brown and gold. It’s got everything that a good belt would need but, now don’t get me wrong where you all live its ok to wear BA. But over here in the UK the enishals BA have and always will stood British Airways. So to save looking like some plane crazed freak i’m not getting this belt, but you feel free to get this at your local Bape store

Bape Mook

19 10 2009


The new Bape look book or mook as they like to call it (Whatever the hell that means) is releasing this Tuesday in all there stores. It features there Winter collection, with styling features form models and actresses.It worth getting it just to get a early look of what the new collections are like but it also comes with a free camo watch and Bape Ursus stickers! Get yours soon because these will sell out pretty soon!

Wesc Hat

16 10 2009

hatLast time I was in London I had the chance to get this hat but then thought “I don’t need it, ill get bape instead.” how wrong I was. every since that day I have been looking for it and now, i’ve found it. You can get it here for $25 so don’t miss out and get it while can. And if your wondering “Is that the same zombie from the last post” The answer is no. Just no


16 10 2009

zombie copy

This T shirt is made by one my favourite brands Wesc. There shops are amazing so if you ever see one make sure that you call in it, its well worth seeing. But if your just plain lazy then can get it online here or if your in England check it out here. The zombie has been edited in of corpse, not long to the halloween banner!

New Bape Wallpapers

15 10 2009

bape store 1

Ok so for the last couple of days I have been working my ass off to try and make you guy’s a new bape wallpaper. And well in the end I decided I would make, I got maybe a bit carried away and before I new it I had made 7 bape ones a Cereal one as well. Anyway you can them all on my wallpapers page here. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions for anything else.


15 10 2009

25% Regular and Sale LRG Items

LRG is cool brand from the Us and right now there having a HUGE sale. All there T-shirts are currently on sale at $5! So stock up while you can because theres plenty of choice so for this offer head over to karmaloop while you still can! Theres also plenty of hoodies and other items on the site so check them out to!