Supreme Varsity

15 10 2009


Now I have always loved varsity jackets so its always a good thing when a big brand like supreme makes one. This comes in four different colour ways and several different little sewn on items, I don’t know whether its a bit to much but you can be the judge of that! Anyway it is part of there fall/winter collection so expect it to be dropping any time soon! And by the way expect a special halloween makeover some time soon guys!


Kanye’s Louis Vuitton

14 10 2009

Kanye West for Louis Vuitton Price Details

These are the shoes that Louis Vuitton made for kanye to wear on stage. There are many shoes from the collections but these are my favourites and there called the Jaspers. As for the price, now if like me you thought that the  Y3’s made by addidas were expensive then your in for a shock, they cost $1140! But i mean there are certain things in life that you just have to have and these defiantly one.


14 10 2009

Cereal Mcfly is a new and upcoming brand fresh out of Montreal. I have been meaning to do a post on this brand since I started this blog! Theres a video of there launch party here. They have a lot of quality clothes so why not give them a try?

Heres a link to there main store

These just of few of that items that have on sale at the moment tell me what you think of them:


Kid Robot

14 10 2009

Kid Robot is a Japanese brand which normally makes vinyl toys but however make some pretty cool hoodies and this is one of them. Its different to most hoodies because there high zip hood and cool little metal man on zip! I dont think this is for sale aymore but theres plenty on the main website here

Under Construction

14 10 2009


I’ve been working on a new bape wallpaper but I am not sure whether to make more than one. It’s going to be a sort of cartoon of the bape shop and will have different things in the sky .Expect the first one to drop around Saturday anyway.

Addidas Y3

13 10 2009

These are part of addidas Y3 collection. I like these shoes but i have never until recently noticed that they are made addidas believe or not! They may be made by a soccer player but they’re still cool enough for me to wear (You know how much I love high tops) You can get them online here for $280, best get saving!

Kaws Winter 2009

12 10 2009
Kaws or Original Fake is by far my favoutite artist and he has got some new stuff on sale this Winter. His stuff can be quite hard to come by but there are a few places you can get it. If your in america then your best bet is his online store here: But if like me your in England then you can pick up plenty of stuff at the dover street market: